CRISIL - Company Overview

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Who We Are
CRISIL is a global analytical company driven by its mission of making markets function better.

It is India's foremost provider of ratings, data and research, analytics and solutions, with a strong track record of growth and innovation. CRISIL delivers independent opinions, actionable insights, policy advisory and efficient solutions to over 100,000 customers across 86 industries. CRISIL's businesses operate from 8 countries including USA, Argentina, Poland, UK, India, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

At the core of CRISIL's credibility, built up assiduously over the years, are its values of integrity, excellence, accountability, teamwork and respect for all.

Who We Serve
CRISIL's clientele range the entire spectrum of financial service players, right from the leading commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, corporations, consulting firms, private equity players and asset management companies globally to small companies and investors.

CRISIL also works with governments and policy-makers in India and other emerging markets in the infrastructure domain.

How We Add Value
CRISIL empowers its customers and the markets at large. Lenders and borrowers, issuers and investors, regulators, and market intermediaries make better-informed investment and business decisions by using our services.

CRISIL's offerings allow markets and market participants to become more transparent and efficient - by mitigating and managing risk, taking pricing decisions, generating more revenue, reducing time to market and enhancing returns.

By helping shape public policy on infrastructure in emerging markets, we help catalyse economic growth and development in these countries.

CRISIL Businesses


Global Research & Analytics: (Irevna, Pipal Research)


CRISIL Risk and Infrastructure Solutions (CRIS)