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CRISIL Independent Equity Research reports may be accessed company-wise, grade-wise
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Detailed Coverage Reports:
 Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Ltd 380 3/5 5/5  Apr-14
 Helios & Matheson Information Technology Limited 125 3/5 5/5  Apr-14
 TTK Prestige Ltd 3050 5/5 3/5  Mar-14
 Infinite Computer Solutions (India) Ltd 163 3/5 4/5  Mar-14
 Responsive Industries Ltd 110 4/5 4/5  Mar-14
Updates on existing companies:
 Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (India) Ltd 77 2/5 3/5  Mar-14
 PC Jeweller Ltd 142 3/5 5/5  Mar-14
 Phillips Carbon Black Ltd 57 3/5 3/5  Mar-14
 JBF Industries Ltd 126 2/5 5/5  Mar-14
 Electrosteel Castings Ltd 25 2/5 5/5  Mar-14