Outreach Reports

News Letters

Daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and annual market intelligence reports: CRISIL can provide market intelligence reports covering important domestic and international business news including equity, debt, foreign exchange, commodity market and economic updates. These reports also cover Indian mutual fund industry analysis including assets under management, performance, portfolio trends, etc. Articles on contemporary topics can also be provided under this service.

Fact Sheets for Mutual Fund Industry

CRISIL prepares monthly fact sheets for AMCs, Life Insurance Houses and Financial Distributors based on pre-specified templates. These reports can cover various events and statistics on the Indian mutual fund industry on a macro level. Scheme based reports such as scheme returns/risk analysis, AUM/portfolio analysis and fact sheets etc. can be covered under this service. CRISIL's reports, based on specifications, can be useful in streamlining sales and investor outreach efforts.

Outreach Reports in India - CRISIL