Vacancies @ CRISIL

Keen on a career in CRISIL? In case your profile matches any of the listed vacancies, you may apply and send in your details through the application form.

For leadership positions, please write to Sonal Goregaoker at

MBA/ C.A. Freshers
[Job Code - CC/Freshers/2013/MBA-CA]
Graduate Freshers
[Job Code - CC/Freshers/2013/Graduate]
  Ratings Click here for role details
Regional Manager, Mumbai
[Job Code - CC/Ratings/2013/001]
Associate Director, Mumbai
[Job Code - CC/Ratings/2013/002]
Rating Analyst/ Sr. Rating Analyst, Chennai
[Job Code - CC/Ratings/2013/003]
  SME Click here for role details
Rating Analyst /Sr. Rating Analyst, Mumbai
[Job Code - CC/SME/2013/010]
Industrial Trainee, Mumbai
[Job Code - CC/SME/2013/011]
Associate/ Executive Trainee, Pune
[Job Code - CC/SME/2013/012]
  Global Research & Analytics (GR&A)  
  GR&A -Irevna Click here for role details
C++ Release Management–Quants Technology, Mumbai
[Job Code - CC/Irevna/2013/22]
Manager, Chennai/Pune
[Job Code - CC/Irevna/2013/23]
Research Analyst / Senior Research Analyst, Pune
[Job Code - CC/Irevna/2013/24]
Research Analyst, Chennai
[Job Code - CC/Irevna/2013/25]
Management Trainee / Research Analyst, Mumbai
[Job Code - CC/Irevna/2013/26]
Management Trainee / Research Analyst, Mumbai
[Job Code - CC/Irevna/2013/27]
  GR&A - Pipal Click here for role details
Manager - Visualization, Pune
[Job Code - CC/Pipal/2013/001]
Sr. Research Analyst-Data Analytics Modeling, Pune
[Job Code - CC/Pipal/2013/002]
Research Analyst - Visualization, Pune
[Job Code - CC/Pipal/2013/003]
Associate Director - Data Analytics, Pune
[Job Code - CC/Pipal/2013/004]
  Global Analytical Centre Click here for role details
Credit Analyst(Corporate / FSR) - GAC, Pune
[Job Code - CC/GAC/2013/001]
Senior Credit Analyst(Corporate) - GAC, Pune
[Job Code - CC/GAC/2013/002]
Associate - GAC, Mumbai
[Job Code - CC/GAC/2013/003]
  Research Click here for role details
Research Analyst, Mumbai
[Job Code - CC/Research/2013/007]
Regional Manager, BD - Equity Research, Mumbai
[Job Code - CC/Research/2013/008]
Associate Director, BD - Equity Research, Mumbai
[Job Code - CC/Research/2013/009]
  CRISIL Risk and Infrastructure Solutions (CRIS) Click here for role details
Associate Director - Urban Advisory, Mumbai / Gurgaon
[Job Code - CC/Advisory/2013/001]
Manager - Urban Advisory, Mumbai or Gurgaon
[Job Code - CC/Advisory/2013/002]
Associate Director - Risk Consulting, Mumbai
[Job Code - CC/Risk/2013/001]
  Corporate Click here for role details
Data Architect - Corporate Technology, Mumbai
[Job Code - CC/Corporate/2013/010]
Business Intelligence Manager, Mumbai
[Job Code - CC/Corporate/2013/011]
Associate Director - .Net, Mumbai
[Job Code - CC/Corporate/2013/016]
Java Architect, Mumbai
[Job Code - CC/Corporate/2013/017]