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CRISIL has what it takes to be your choice for the best place to work in. Its core values of Analytical Rigour, Independence, Integrity, Innovation, and Commitment have helped it become India's leading Ratings, Research, Risk and Policy Advisory Company. These values have also enabled CRISIL to become the preferred workplace for its employees.
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We strive to place the careers of quick learners on fast track. We entrust our people with responsibility and freedom to operate, and empower them by creating an environment that is conducive to performance and career progression.

Our people are exposed to the various verticals and horizontals in CRISIL's businesses, and thus, have opportunities to enhance their skill sets. Our people also have a choice of training programmes and modules, all of which are designed to help develop the individual. In addition, we have a culture of celebrating the top performers from each business vertical across the organisation.
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CRISIL has offices in 15 locations around the globe. This allows CRISIL access to a truly global and dynamic workforce. Its people are the most vital part of the organisation, and contribute to its growth by directly or indirectly influencing major decisions across businesses. Our people take pride in the challenges at work and in their job profiles.

These factors, perhaps, explain why CRISIL is a sought-after company among candidates seeking employment.