• What will I receive on completing the two-year Programme-a degree or a certificate? Is it equivalent to a postgraduate programme?
    CCAP is an employment with CRISIL and as such you will receive a `Certified CRISIL Analyst' certificate from CEO and MD of CRISIL. This program is neither a degree nor a diploma, nor is the course equivalent to a postgraduate Programme since it is not affiliated to any university or government body, or approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).
  • I have not appeared for any entrance examination to management courses. Can I still apply?
    Yes, but you will be required to appear for a CRISIL Aptitude Test. On clearing the test, you will qualify for the next stage of the selection process.
  • Is there an age limit for the Programme?
    You must be born on or after January 1, 1990.
  • What is the course fee?
    Apart from the application fee of Rs.1500, CRISIL does not charge any course fee for the Programme.
  • How can I apply for the programme?
    i. Fill out the registration form on www.crisil.com/ccap
    ii. Click the application link sent to your registered email ID and complete the application process by filling out the form and making the payment.
  • I am an MBA already. Can I apply? Will I be exempted from the entrance test?
    You may apply, but will not be exempted from the CRISIL Aptitude Test. Please note that CRISIL evaluates all applications solely on the merit of the Graduation degree; the PG qualification will not carry any weightage during the admission or during the Programme.
  • I am an MBA/a CA/CFA already. Will I be entitled to exemptions on some subjects?
    No. All subjects in the Programme are compulsory.
  • I am a graduate, but have no work experience. Can I apply for CCAP?
    Yes. You can apply even if you do not have work experience.
  • How valuable will this certificate be if I decide to leave CRISIL a few years later?
    CRISIL employees are respected as thought leaders and have strong market value in the financial services industry. The CRISIL certification will add value to your profile
  • What would my salary be during the 2 year period?
    Participants will be paid an annual salary of Rs1.75 lakh per annum during the first year, and Rs2.75 lakh during the second year of the Programme.
  • I shall appear for my final semester in May 2015. Can I apply to the CCAP Programme for 2015-17?
    Yes, You can.
  • Since I will be considered as an employee from the day I join the programme, would that entitle me to enjoy all the benefits earned by CRISIL employee?
    Yes, you would be entitled to all the benefits enjoyed by any other CRISIL employee at an Associate level.
  • Would there be a penalty, if I leave the programme in between, before completing it?
    If any participant chooses to leave the programme in between, he/she would be required to reimburse Rs1 lakh for each semester, towards cost of education, salary paid and the opportunity lost for the organization.
  • Do you provide accommodation in Mumbai during the two-year Programme?
    No. You will need to make your own arrangement for accommodation in Mumbai.
  • What are the expenses for the course?
    CRISIL does not charge any course fees for the Programme. The only expenses the participant will bear will be his living expenses, accommodation, travel etc.
  • I have scored 90 percentile on CAT, however my score in Verbal Ability is 75 percentile. Will I still be required to appear for the CRISIL Aptitude Test?
    Since the score in one of the section (Verbal Ability in your case) is less than 80 percentile, you will have to appear for the CRISIl Aptitude Test.
  • Can I speak to one of the current participants?
    Yes, incase you would like to speak to someone do write an email at ccap@crisil.com along with your contact details.

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