Business School Gradings - FAQs

Given the growing demand from industry for qualified management professionals, the relevance of business schools has increased. The skills and talents of these professionals are required in every sector and business. To support this growing need, new management institutes continue to emerge: the number of business schools in India has tripled over the past ten years. For India to realise the economic potential of its human capital, however, the quality of management education, and the extent of information available on its more than 2,500 business schools, needs to improve. Today, information relating to management programmes is available only for the top institutions, which account for less than 5 per cent of business school admissions.

CRISIL believes that robust assessments conducted by independent agencies can be a key enabler of change in the education sector, helping improve the quality of education in India. Benchmarking institutes through a grading exercise will enhance transparency in the sector, and ensure that information on the quality of education is available to all stakeholders, including students, faculty, recruiters, donors, and government bodies.

What is CRISIL's goal in launching CRISIL Buisness School Gradings?
Management education in India has grown rapidly over the past ten years. CRISIL believes that there is an urgent need for a credible, independent, and reliable opinion on the quality of programmes offered by business schools. CRISIL has launched a grading scale that will reflect the ability of business schools to impart quality education, and achieve desired student outcomes, through the graded programmes. With this initiative, CRISIL hopes to enhance transparency in the sector, help students and other stakeholders make informed decisions, enable business schools to adopt best practices, and support the government in its mission of nurturing quality education in India.

Will CRISIL Business School Gradings be assigned to institutes or to specific programmes?
CRISIL grades specific programmes, and not institutes. If an institute offers multiple programmes, a separate grading will be assigned to each programme. Different programmes offered by the same institute may, therefore, receive different gradings.

Whats is the purpose of state-level grading?
Several surveys undertaken by CRISIL indicate that a large body of students tends to seek admission in business schools in their own states, on account of several reasons, some of which include maintaining regional and language familiarity. State-level grading will help such students decide which business schools in their respective states to choose. Moreover, a state-level grading enables business schools to differentiate themselves from other business schools operating in the same regional, infrastructural and regulatory environment.

What kind of programmes does CRISIL grade?
CRISIL offers its business school gradings to all institutes offering post-graduation programmes in management. It grades all management-education-related programmes — full-time, executive and specialised management programmes — offered by business schools.

How long will it take CRISIL to complete its grading exercise?
CRISIL will take three to four weeks to complete the grading exercise from the day it receives a request in writing from the institute, along with all information required for the assessment.

How will CRISIL dessiminate the grading?
CRISIL issues a grading certificate to the business school. The certificate will mention the grading and define its validity. The grading, and the profile of the graded programme, will be posted on CRISIL’s website. CRISIL will also disseminate the grading to the public through the print media and internet. CRISIL gradings will be listed on the CRISIL website and in its periodic publications, and will be made freely available. CRISIL will also disseminate the grading through longer-term student awareness creation plans and several student initiatives, including the CRISIL Young Thought Leader Competition, seminars, and discussion fora.

How can institutes display the grading assigned to their programmes?
The gradings assigned to programmes can be displayed by business schools on their websites, application forms, brochures, advertisements and visiting cards.

Will CRISIL assign grading to programmes offered by institues other than business schools?
As part of its education grading initiative, CRISIL will grade programmes offered by all institutes, including those in primary, secondary, higher secondary and vocational levels. CRISIL’s initial focus as part of this initiative will be on programmes offered by business schools.

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