CRISIL SME Ratings :

CRISIL SME Rating indicates the SME's performance capability and financial strength. CRISIL SME Ratings are entity-specific ratings, unlike credit ratings, which are debt-obligation-specific.

CRISIL SME Rating reflects the level of creditworthiness of the SME, adjudged in relation to other SMEs.

Following are the key features of CRISIL SME Ratings:

  • Entity rating: SME Ratings are entity specific
  • Eligibility: All types of business enterprises, including public and private limited companies, cooperative societies, partnership firms, and sole proprietorships, are eligible for CRISIL SME Ratings. Registration as a micro and small enterprise is not required, as subsidy support from the government is not available for these ratings.
  • Surveillance based on specific requirement: A CRISIL SME rating is valid for one year from the date of the SME report issued by CRISIL, provided no significant changes/events occur during this period that could materially affect the business or financial parameters of the organisation. MSMEs are encouraged to obtain rating reviews periodically, and CRISIL carries out reviews whenever requested by the MSME or the lender.