CRISIL offers value added services in the form of an independent verification which helps MSMEs establish their credentials. An organisation authenticated and verified by CRISIL will be provided a CRISIL VERIFIED ID, which is a unique 12-digit code. A CRISIL VERIFIED ID affirms that the organisation's credentials have been verified and validated. If an organisation has an online presence, its website will display an electronic "CRISIL VERIFIED" logo to let potential customers, suppliers and other business associates know that the organisation has been verified by CRISIL


  • Build credibility and position themselves as a reliable business partner
  • Enhance the confidence of potential customers, suppliers, and bankers
  • Gain a vital advantage by setting them apart from competitors
  • Create greater visibility by developing their market potential
  • Build a better market identity and attract global customers
  • Increase business opportunities through online positioning
  • Reduce delay in lead-maturity by expediting decision-making
  • Reduce the risk of transaction failure by enabling buyers to make informed decisions
  • Leverage on the CRISIL brand and differentiate themselves from peers
  • Access an effective medium to showcase their products, services, and business activities

List of CRISIL Verified Enterprises