Industry Research

CRISIL Research Services are available at This research platform will enable you to track the performance and outlook of 70 industries by giving you near real-time access to data, research and analysis. We also provide our long-term and short-term future outlook on these industries and the factors that affect its performance and profitability.

It will cater to your research and information requirements by providing you with Timely, Relevant and Interactive Research on:

(I) Outlook

  • Long-term demand-supply outlook - which will be evaluated twice a year and updated on the website.
  • Short-term outlook - we provide short-/medium-term outlook on domestic and international prices, landed costs and an update on the industries' performance and profitability.

(II) Researched information/data points:

  • Capacities, production, imports, exports and demand
  • Key demand drivers
  • Current demand-supply position
  • Estimated market size
  • Industry structure
  • Cost structure and profitability
  • Manufacturing process & technology
  • Production and/or market share, by producer
  • Changes in the regulatory environment and its impact on the industry
  • Drivers of price changes
  • Duty structure
  • Global markets
  • Company information/player profiles

Unique features of our research delivery platform:
The information and analysis is disseminated through our near real-time delivery platform Some of the key interactive features are as follows:

  • What if analysers- for sensitivity analysis by creating multiple scenario of an industry thus helping better credit evaluation.
  • Video Clipping of Industry Experts- 2-3 minutes video clippings where our experts talk about topical issues or on our long term or short term views on the industry and the demand drivers for quick understanding of impact of changes in industries.
  • Analyst presentation- for quick reference, entire report is condensed into few slides containing our current views on the Demand-Supply, Price, Cost and Profitability
  • Discovery- interactive tool for understanding regional dynamics of industries
  • Thematic reports on analysis of new areas/concepts/trends across industries and coverage on niche industries.
  • Ask the analyst- A facility through which users of our services can interact with our sectoral experts for any analytical queries, clarifications or additional data requirements.

Research+: Newly launched features on our web platform
Research Plus is a premium offering from CRISIL Research which has a host of features, valuable information and sharper insights to help your organisation take more informed decisions. The features are available across 64 sectors and will enable you to:

  • Gain the competitive edge,
  • Set the right benchmarks, and
  • Make judicious decisions