Risk Management Services

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Who We Are
CRISIL Risk Solutions (CRS) provides a comprehensive range of risk management tools, analytics and solutions to financial institutions, banks, and corporates. We have been ranked India's No. 1 Risk Solutions provider in a survey by Indian Banks' Association. We also work in several countries outside India.

Our solutions help clients identify, measure, and calibrate a comprehensive range of risks: credit risk, price and market risk, exchange and liquidity risk, operational risk, strategic and regulatory risk.

Our expertise in executing and managing diverse risk-related engagements globally, in-depth understanding of geography-specific regulatory and implementation requirements, and a pool of experienced and outstanding professionals enable us to deliver enterprise risk management frameworks from ideation to implementation.

We supplement our core consulting strength and analytical skills with robust proprietary software to provide efficient solutions for risk management. Our software and service offerings include internal rating systems to assess the credit worthiness of borrowers, loan origination systems to automate the lending and administration process, automated capital computation processes for credit risk, market risk, and operational risk as per Basel II and economic capital modelling systems.

We are a division of CRISIL Risk & Infrastructure Solutions Limited (CRIS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CRISIL Limited.

Who We Serve
The customers for our risk offerings include the leading banks and financial institutions in India, Middle-East, Africa, and South Asia. In India, we help the leading public and private sector banks and large corporates in addressing their enterprise risk management requirements. Globally, we work with Standard & Poor's to deliver risk-related frameworks and solutions to a large number of multinational financial institutions. We have

  • Helped over 50 banks and financial institutions adopt best practices in risk management
  • Undertaken risk management assignments in 20 countries
  • Provided risk management solutions to 8 of the top 10 Banks in India

How We Add Value
We help our clients adopt global best practices in risk management. Our solutions help clients to minimise and intelligently manage their business risks

  • Our internal rating system, RAM, is the benchmark for the Indian banking industry and helps differentiate the good credits from the bad
  • Our risk management solutions help clients spread the risk management practices and culture across their entire branch network
  • Our Basel-II and Basel-III offerings help in demystifying the Basel and local regulatory guidelines and automate the entire regulatory capital computation