Feb 17 Mumbai

Cash Flow Based Analysis for NBFCs

Training dates - February 17-18, 2020

Training location - Mumbai

Training fees - ₹30,000 + applicable taxes




Programme Objectives


  • To impart the requisite cash flow analytical skills to the dealing officials from the sales & marketing and credit domains of NBFCs/ HFCs and other Financial Institutions (FIs).
  • To help the lenders’/ investors’ employees adopt a 360 degree approach in analysing the financials of both retail (MSMEs in the formal and informal segments/ organized and un-organized sectors) and corporate (mid and large) borrowers.
  • To help the dealing officers suitably structure proposals/ applications, duly taking into account the available security of the borrowers and more importantly, capturing the anticipated future cash flows of the borrowers, in order to avoid the accounts from slipping into the irregular status.  
  • To facilitate the decision makers of these Institutions to take a considered view on retail and corporate lending.

The programme will benefit


  • Sales and Credit functions of NBFCs/ HFCs/ FIs engaged in the retail and corporate lending space
  • Private equity investors who wish to invest directly in B2C or B2B businesses or in the NBFCs/ HFCs/ FIs which lend to such borrowers