Oct 29 Mumbai

Financial Modelling for Project Finance

Training dates - October 29 to 31, 2018

Training locaton - Mumbai

Training fee - ₹40,000 + applicable taxes




Attend this 3-day intensive computer-based workshop to learn


  • How to build and use a financial model for a project from debt perspective and understand the difference as well as additional requirements in models made from equity perspective
  • About the best practices as well as pitfalls and challenges in building financial models including excel functions
  • How to use the model to do sensitivity analysis using single variable and how to choose sensitivities
  • From real-life case studies

The objective of this training is to help the participants


  • Master the steps in building an accurate financial model through hands-on exercises
  • Understand the constituents and complexities of a financial model
  • Learn how to make basic macros and break circularities
  • Learn the techniques of fundamental analysis using financial modelling
  • Build basic knowledge of sensitivity and scenario analysis
  • Understand the difference in a debt and equity model as well as to gain understanding of valuation


The programme will benefit

  • Professionals responsible for project appraisal from banks and financial institutions
  • Professionals from corporate finance/ projects division of corporates
  • Financial Intermediaries involved in syndication of project finance
  • Project finance consultants



  • Basic understanding of finance and/or project finance (should be comfortable with financial statements)
  • Basic working knowledge of Excel (should be comfortable with simple excel formulae and excel menu)