May 04 Mumbai

Basics of Credit Appraisal


Days remaining

Training dates - May 04-07, 2020

Training location - Mumbai

Training fees - ₹50,000 + applicable taxes




The programme is intended for the Relationship Managers (RMs) and Lending Officers/ Credit Managers (LOs/ CMs) who have recently joined in the Bank/ NBFC or who have been transferred to credit department recently.


Programme Objectives


  • To enable RMs/ LOs/ CMs develop a framework of analysis given a set of financial and non-financial information on their target borrowers
  • To enable the RMs/ LOs/ CMs conduct a basic level risk appraisal of their borrowers in order to ensure safety and security of lender’s exposure to them
  • To facilitate the RMs get a basic understanding of how to target for new clients/ opportunities based on a quick assessment of brief financials
  • To enable develop understanding on financial products and services both funded (working capital, term loan) and non-l facilities (LC, bank guarantees etc.)