Nov 08 Mumbai

Capital Adequacy Ratio of Banks - A practical approach

Training dates - November 08, 2019

Training location - Mumbai

Training fees - ₹15,000 + applicable taxes




Background & Objectives


Capital is scarce in the banking system and the health of the banks is gauged by the Capital Adequacy Ratio. Recently banks with low capital adequacy have been closely watched by Reserve Bank and directions are given to them to ensure that they do not fall below the minimum Capital requirement. Effort to improve the same shall be the objective of the banking system.


Programme Objectives:


  • Keeping in mind the background, we briefly touch upon the overview of the Capital Adequacy requirement. Further for each of the sections of the capital adequacy, the focus will be on to how to improve the ratio by applying strategies used in the banking system
  • The programme will focus on practical examples for Credit Risk, Market Risk and readiness for Operational Risk
  • How to use Credit Mitigants effectively
  • It will also focus on the issuance of Capital which qualify for Capital Adequacy

The programme will benefit


  • Professionals in Finance, Strategy, Risk, Treasury Operations and Reporting department



  • Basic understanding of why Capital Adequacy is to be maintained for a bank