Jun 05

Cash flow-based credit assessment


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Training dates - June 05-06, 2020

Training fees - ₹ 15,000 + applicable taxes






  • How to determine actual cash generated from operations by a company/borrower in a particular fiscal, as against a unit’s closing cash balance, and its importance in a tight monetary situation
  • How to track a unit’s cash movement from origin to destination, an ideal opportunity to further probe and justify end use
  • The correct way to assess the working capital requirements of a unit, based on actual cash flows realised in a particular fiscal, vis-a-vis seemingly attractive profit & loss (P&L) and balance sheet (B/S) statements, helping visualise the likely strategy of the unit being managed/financed
  • How to sharpen focus on other key factors such as whether rapid growth is draining the company of cash, if promoters are withdrawing money from business or refinancing loans by taking loans afresh, etc.
  • How to evaluate the sustainability of a company’s long-term operations 

Participants will learn the importance of cash flow as a key performance indicator in determining the current and future health of a unit in the market


Programme highlights


  • Live lecture by subject expert
  • Participants join from their location
  • Graphs and charts explained by the Expert over whiteboard
  • Presentation and Case studies shared by trainer
  • Feedbacks uploaded by participants
  • Real-time Q&A session
  • Live Chat facility for having individual /group conversations

Target audience 


Bankers, non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), microfinance institutions (MFIs), investors, stock market operators, wealth managers, rating company analysts, finance division employees of corporates, and promoters of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs)