Mar 05 Mumbai

Company Valuation: Concepts and Techniques

Training dates - March 05-06, 2020

Training location - Mumbai

Training fees - ₹25,000 + applicable taxes




The programme will help the participants


  • Build up the basic valuation concepts required for valuing a company or its equity
  • Establish a thorough grounding in the tools required for arriving at the “fair value” of a company
  • Understand the different valuation methodologies and their applications
  • Understand in-depth how to decide the discount rate, how to measure and forecast cash flows, and how to factor in Risk
  • Basic Modelling using Excel, and discussing special situations in valuation

The programme will benefit


  • Corporate Finance Professionals
  • Business Analysts, Business Development / Planning Executives
  • Banking Sector : Professionals from Corporate Banking and Credit Department
  • Merchant Bankers, Investment Bankers and other Financial Intermediaries
  • M&A Consultants, Chartered Accountants and Legal Experts