Jun 17

Covid-19 impact and the post-pandemic lending scenario


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Training dates - June17-18, 2020

Training fees - ₹ 18,000 + applicable taxes






  • Get an overview of the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on the economy, industry, and corporates 
  • Understand the challenges faced by different industrial segments/sub-segments 
  • Recognise the likely dilemmas lenders may face and discuss ‘way-out’ scenarios in managing the existing book
  • Strategise the way forward in marketing and monitoring the asset book, post the pandemic

Programme highlights 


  • Training by CRISIL experts  - Training is imparted by CRISIL experts who have more than a decade of experience in economy, industry and company research 
  • Powered by CRISIL data and analytics - The programme leverages on CRISIL’s rich time series data and analytics on markets and institutions 
  • Real life case studies and examples - The case studies are handpicked by our team to help understand the impact of the pandemic on borrowers and lenders

Target participants 


  • Relationship managers, credit analysts, risk managers, finance and accounts department officials, branch managers of large branches of banks and financial institutions
  • Finance/accounts, and purchase department officials of corporates 
  • Officials of regulatory bodies