Apr 17 Mumbai

Credit Ratings - Demystified: How to make fullest use of it

Training dates - April 17, 2020

Training location - Mumbai

Training fees - ₹ 25,000 + applicable taxes




Programme Objectives


To impart the understanding of what credit rating is all about and how the entire credit rating exercise can be put to a far more meaningful use than the mere usage of rating symbol.


To help understand what can be expected from a rating agency.


To help a discerning lender distinguish between one credit rating agency and the other. He may then direct his borrower to get his debt instruments through the carefully chosen credit rating agency.


To impact understanding about the flurry of regulations the sector has seen in the past couple of years and its impact on various stakeholders.


The programme will benefit


Particularly, professionals involved in credit assessment or credit review processes while it will be beneficial to anyone who wishes to understand and make use of credit ratings.