Apr 18 Mumbai

Default Risk Management in Retail Lending

Training dates - April 18 & 19, 2017

Training locaton - Mumbai

Training fee - ₹25,000 + applicable taxes




Background and Objectives


Retail lending is a volume driven, small ticket size and operations intensive business which requires an architecture for micro-management of controlling default and associated fraud risks. Retail Loans comprise of following broad types.


  • Loans taken by individuals for their personal needs – Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Vehicle Loans, Consumer Durable Loans, Home Loans, Gold/Jewelry Loans, Loan Against Shares/Financial Securities, Education Loans
  • Loans taken by individuals for business/professional needs – Car loans for taxi use, Three Wheeler Loans for passenger/cargo transport, Truck Loans, Construction Equipment Loans, Medical Equipment Loans, Office Equipment Loans
  • Loans taken by Sole Proprietorships, Partnership Firms, LLPs, Companies for Business – Vehicle Dealership, Vehicle Service Centers, Loan Against Property, Lease Rental Discounting, Builder/Construction Finance


The retail loan products are many, risks varied, collection challenges diverse and recovery recourse complex depending on type of loan, customer profile & constitution, security availability.


CRISIL has designed a focused 2-day programme on Default Risk Management in Retail Loans.


The programme will enable participants to understand the concepts and the structural application of the same. The participants will learn about minute details of every aspect of Retail Risk Management right from the business sourcing stage to recovery stage. The participants will be able to learn the best practices implemented by leading Retail Lenders who have evolved over past two decades.


The programme will benefit


Professionals working in Institutions which have diversified retail/ personal/ small business loan product offerings. The programme would be ideal for officials in Zonal/ Regional/ Area functions responsible for:


  • Business Development
  • Credit Management
  • Recovery
  • Legal