Dec 18 Mumbai

Derivatives Management – A Practical Approach

Training dates - December 18 & 19, 2017

Training locaton - Mumbai

Training fee - ₹40,000 + applicable taxes






Treasury professionals who create and execute products are well versed with the derivatives domain, most of the time. They understand time value and swap intricacies. Hedging, hedge effectiveness, hedge accounting are new areas for treasury professionals. However, these have enormous implications for the financial reporting industry and understanding of these implications (both for the bank that is selling these products and the corporate that is buying) is important under Ind AS. Accounting professionals are generally not so well versed with the domain of derivatives. Hence, accounting of derivatives, designation of hedges and related accounting intricacies are often not so well known.


Risk management, audit and compliance groups will find this program useful as their areas require a deep understanding of this domain for more effective functioning.


Senior finance management is ultimately responsible for all the activities and implications (including potential MTM losses and final losses, risk violations) and hence need to be aware of the nuances of this domain.


The programme will benefit


  • Finance - senior management – who are responsible and required to oversee all derivatives related implications
  • Bankers who sell these products
  • Treasury professionals who create, innovate, price, execute and monitor these products
  • Risk management professionals
  • Accounting professionals who are required to understand MTM gains and losses, fair valuations, hedge effectiveness, hedge accounting under Ind AS and under Indian GAAP
  • Audit and compliance professionals