Apr 08 Mumbai

Evolving Role of Finance Business Partners in a Changing Business Landscape

Training dates - April 08 & 09, 2019

Training location - Mumbai

Training fees - ₹ 30,000 + applicable taxes






Finance professionals specialize in different domains such as accounting, MIS, costing, taxation, legal, treasury, controlling, internal audit. While each one of them has a role to play in their respective domain areas, today a need is clearly felt that these professionals extend their sphere of contribution without diluting their current role & responsibility. They need to rise to be internal consultants to business, rather than just passively discharging their role. Hence, an intervention has been planned for these executives to create a road map for this new alignment.


For whom


Program is ideal for finance professionals with about 10-12 years of professional experience with domain expertise in different aspects of finance function and who want to make a meaningful contribution to business success as they grow in their role, stature and overall responsibility. This program would be useful for participants who are aspiring or are being groomed to grow into a CFO role.




Considering that the participants are all qualified finance professionals with significant experience and seniority, the pedagogy of workshop is designed to be very participative. Orientation of the workshop and the facilitator thus is to provoke discussion and thoughts rather than provide prescriptions. The format of each session would thus consist of the following:


  • Prelude & backgrounder
  • Participative discussion
  • Presentation by facilitator
  • Critique and summing up