Jan 31 Mumbai

Impact of IND-AS on Financial Instruments

Training dates - January 31, 2020

Training location - Mumbai

Training fees - ₹20,000 + applicable taxes




Programme Objectives


  • How will debt instruments be valued under Ind AS
  • Where will valuation gains and losses be recognized - in P&L or elsewhere
  • How is interest income determined, has it changed from Indian GAAP framework
  • Do you have management choices that may increase / reduce earnings volatility
  • If  yes, what are they and when do you choose
  • Are these choices revocable in future or are you tied in to them forever
  • How are equity instruments valued
  • How are valuation gains and losses recognized and where



The programme will benefit


  • Treasury, Bond traders, Equity traders
  • Senior management in finance, accounting
  • Accounting managers who are either already into Ind AS, or intend to implement Ind AS soon
  • Consultants in the financial services industry whose work covers financial instruments and financial statements