Jan 24 Mumbai

Industry series - Steel sector

Training dates - January 24, 2020

Training location -  Mumbai

Training fees - ₹25,000 + applicable taxes




Will steel shine?


After a sturm and drang phase, the credit profile of the Indian steel sector has improved sharply over the past two years.


However, the sector is expected to continue to see some volatility in the near term because of upcoming iron ore auctions, wherein 80-85 million tonnes (MT) of iron ore production capacity is scheduled to get re-auctioned in April 2020.


With nearly 76% of the domestic capacities procuring merchant iron ore, the re-auction will affect manufacturers, especially those using the induction furnace / electric arc furnace route, as iron ore cost is expected to rise post the auctions.


Elevated global iron ore prices because of global supply disruptions will add to the agony of domestic steelmakers.


Also, China’s steel production has shown no signs of abating on the Chinese government’s stimulus programmes. In fact, despite healthy increase in steel output and surging raw material prices, steel prices have risen only at a sedate pace, thereby pressurising Chinese mill spreads. This will influence domestic realisations as well.


CRISIL’s special one-day programme will analyse the current business, emerging trends, resilience of the business models, based on integration, product segments and technology, and nuances of the steel value chain to help you make informed decisions.