Dec 17 Mumbai

Industry series - Telecom sector

Training dates - December 17, 2019

Training location - Mumbai

Training fees - ₹25,000 + applicable taxes




The Indian telecom landscape is poised for a sea change, given new and evolving technologies, growing penetration of wired broadband, emergence of new content ecosystem players, the impending launch of 5G, rising automation and revenue opportunities stemming from Internet of Things. It thus becomes imperative for the operators to improve the quality of their services and ensure differentiated user experience for their current portfolios.


This, however, will take significant and sustained investment by the operators, though all that investment will also create newer opportunities for stakeholders across the spectrum.


Several questions emerge in the context. Are the players ready to make the investments needed? And what are these emerging opportunities? The stakeholders will need to gauge the ecosystem dynamics and the parameters that influence the prospects of the sector before taking investment decisions. This becomes all the more important in view of the current debt levels and cash-flow situation in the industry.


CRISIL’s training programme can help you understand the changing landscape in the telecom sector, with its new and evolving technologies, and the revenue opportunities around these. The programme leverages the deep domain expertise of CRISIL’s research business to help you learn, imbibe and execute lending and investment decisions more confidently.


Key highlights


  • Understanding the Indian telecom landscape
  • Understanding Assets
  • Outlook on the Indian Wireless Telecom Sector
  • Trends emerging in the wired broad band and enterprise solutions
  • Risk in the sector