Apr 24 Mumbai

Informal Segment Lending - A specialized training programme on the credit risk assessment of informal segment in India

Training dates - April 24 & 25, 2019

Training location - Mumbai

Training fees - ₹30,000 + applicable taxes




Programme Objectives


The programme will focus on the coverage and classification of the Informal segments of the country, the peculiarities exhibited by these segments, which will have an impact on the Bank’s/ NBFC’s/ HFC’s/ FI’s lending to them, the assessment of their financial requirements together with the availability as well as adequacy of their future cash flows based on the nature of self-employment activities that the borrowers are engaged in.


Besides, the programme will, in-depth analyse the various risks of lending to those borrowers - a personal loan or affordable housing loans or mortgage loans or any other type of retail finance products, who have neither past track record nor relevant financial data. It will however, suitably equip the participants with an ability to predict in a very logical and meaningful way the future cash flows, despite the lack of relevant financial information and also help them interpret the same, conduct a detailed appraisal and of course, further assist them cascade their understanding on to their appraisal notes. 


The programme will also cover the roles and responsibilities of the In-house/ Outsourced Legal and the Technical Teams in facilitating a rational decision making by the Credit Underwriters concerned but also the collection and recovery teams in their endeavours to recover the loan dues (in the worst case scenario by enforceability of documentation and security with an insight into the effective implementation of SARFAESI/ TRT by the Lenders in the affordable segment secured lending).


The programme will benefit


  • Credit Underwriters, Credit Support team, Credit Auditors, Credit Inspectors
  • Officials of the Risk Containment and Fraud Risk Control Units of Retail Banking Divisions of Banks, Small Finance Banks, NBFCs and HFCs
  • Private Equity Players in the Real Estate and Affordable Housing Segments
  • Financial Institutions engaged in Retail Lending both Secured and Unsecured