May 14

Interactive workshop on international trade finance - Special focus on letters of credit and bank guarantees

Training dates - May 14-15, 2020 

Training fees - ₹ 14,000 + applicable taxes




Programme objective


Trade finance is one of the key components of banking. But this branch of banking is complex, with multiple layers. To help bankers, businesses, and professionals better-understand the subject, CRISIL is conducting a two-day workshop, covering all aspects of international trade finance. Special focus will be on letters of credit and bank guarantees.


Over two days, subject experts will deep-dive into international trade finance via case studies and real-world examples.


At the conclusion of the workshop, participants would have greatly enhanced their knowledge of international trade finance, and will be able to use the learnings in their respective designations and further their career path.


Programme highlights 


  • Live lecture by subject expert
  • Participants join from their location
  • Graphs and charts explained by the expert on the whiteboard
  • Presentation and case studies shared
  • Feedback uploaded by participants
  • Real-time Q&A session
  • Live chat facility for having individual /group conversations


Targeted audience


  • Bankers in trade finance, or looking to make a career in trade finance
  • Senior executives and managers dealing with export/ import
  • Finance professionals across sectors and industries who want to understand the nuances of international trade finance
  • Professionals in shipping, freight and logistics industries