Feb 18 Mumbai

CRISIL MacroPlus: Macro-economics for decision-makers

Training dates - February 18, 2020

Training location - Mumbai

Training fees - ₹30,000 + applicable taxes




CRISIL MacroPlus is a training programme designed to enhance participants’ understanding of macro-economic policies and their implications in a way that helps them zone in on actionable, essential intelligence for strategic decision making.


This is crucial in today’s hyper-competitive, dynamic and globalised milieu.


The economics training programme that the CRISIL Centre for Economic Research has been offering for over a decade has now been bolstered and is being re-launched as CRISIL MacroPlus.


The course now has wider application and is a more elaborate package that includes discussions on a variety of research areas that CRISIL’s economics team has worked on.


The global flavour to the course is a clear add-on, based on the understanding built through frequent and regular interactions with global economists, especially from S&P Global.


Who can benefit?


  • Senior and middle management
  • Corporate strategy teams
  • Risk management teams at financial institutions