Mar 05 Mumbai

Operational Risk Management: An advanced approach

Training dates - March 05-06, 2020

Training location - Mumbai

Training fees - ₹30,000 + applicable taxes




A workshop model training aimed to understand and appreciate the importance of operational risk in the banking and other financial activities and thereby doing business with more confidence and improving the bottom-line of the organisation.


The workshop also enhances the decision-making capability and facilitates the participants to overcome the challenges faced in adopting and implementing operational risk management initiatives in the actual working environment.


Why this programme


The business and operations managers of financial industry work in an environment prone to various types of risks (product risk, process risk, frauds, mistakes, reputation loss, legal issues, natural and manmade calamities, business continuity threat etc.) and their success (which in turn is the organisation’s success) depends on how effectively they understand and manage the various risks, while enlarging their business and improving the profits.


This programme provides an in-depth awareness of the various areas of operational risks applicable to the financial industry and takes the participants through the risk management practices, tools and models and gears them with the skill and ability to control the risks effectively, without affecting the business growth and returns. The programme also enhances the risk management knowledge of the managers, enabling them to understand and appreciate the various risk management initiatives, policies, tools and programmes and enhances their capabilities. The project managers (Risk/Business/IT) associated with risk management projects also would find it useful to solve their implementation challenges and gain clarity on the various aspects of operational risk/BCM.


The programme takes the participants through the risk management tools, framework and practices relevant to a practical banker, in the banker’s language and practices, rather than touching upon only the academics of the subject. The practical examples and case studies would enable the participants not only to understand and appreciate the various risk management initiatives and tools, but also learning the practical side of it, facilitating them to implement the same in their institutions without any difficulty or ambiguity.


A two-day programme to include lecture, exercises and case studies, designed to enhance the risk management capabilities of the managers, including those handling risk management projects in banks and financial institutions.


Who should attend this programme


  • Business & Operations Managers
  • Managers & Staff of Support Functions
  • Risk Management and Compliance Managers
  • Internal Audit Managers
  • Business Continuity Manager & Co-ordinators
  • Project Managers from Business, IT & Risk