Apr 16 Mumbai

Supply Chain Financing: Managing Competition and Risk in rapidly evolving scenario


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Training dates - April 16-17, 2020

Training location - Mumbai

Training fees - ₹ 30,000 + applicable taxes




Programme Background and Objectives


The Indian Financial System is going through a rapidly changing scenario with low growth of corporate credit, increasing NPA primarily due to large corporate accounts, increasing asset liability stress, increasing competition from new and specialized players, global financial market turmoil and looming BASEL III deadlines.


This, together with the Government’s push to make finance accessible to the SME sector, has shifted focus to rapidly determining ways for innovative funding programs to SMEs without term lending risks.


Traditional SME funding has been driven by extending tools of corporate lending and tweaking them to arrive at a suitable lending model for SMEs. Business cycles impact SMEs more rapidly than large corporate client and scenario may change within a short period of a year thus creating significant impact on confidence to lend to SMEs. The key to managing lending risk to SMEs lie in being able to continuously monitor business and financial health of SMEs as well as their large clients and their dealings with their suppliers as part of working capital flows.


The changing focus, therefore shifts to being able to undertake transaction based lending to provide “resources on time rather than at any time “and to “transaction based rather than term based lending”


This two day programme is aimed at credit specialists and supply chain financing professional to appreciate supply chain and their key linkages, understanding structure, purpose, assessment and opportunities in Vendor Financing (VF)/ Purchase Financing, Inventory Financing/ Dealer Funding (DF), Invoice Discounting/ Receivable Funding (RF) and other aspects of supply chain finance and beyond the realms of the present offerings so as to be able to look at each supply chain in context. 


The programme will be delivered through experience sharing, discussions to enhance understanding, presentations, exercises and case studies.