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Classroom Number of days

Basics of Credit Appraisal 4 days
Credit Risk Analysis: The CRISIL Way - Certification Programme 2 days
Building Blocks of Securitisation 2 days
Ind AS Implications on Credit Analysis 2 days
Implications of Ind AS on Banks and NBFCs 2 days
Implications of New Lease Accounting Guidance as per IND AS 16 – A deeper review 1 day
Cash Flow Based Analysis for NBFCs 2 days
Certificate Programme on Working Capital Appraisal and Monitoring 3 days
Credit Risk Management through better Credit Monitoring and Administration 3 days
Developments and Innovations in Debt Financing for Indian Corporates – Based on actual transaction case studies 2 days
Export and Export Finance: Guidelines under FEMA (Pre & Post Shipment Finance) 1 day
Import Finance: Guidelines under FEMA (Buyer’s & Supplier’s Credit) 1 day
Interactive case study based workshop on International Trade Finance - special focus on LCs and BGs 2 days
Trade Based Money Laundering –  Red Flags and Preventive Due Diligence 2 days
LC DeepDive: In-depth workshop on Letters of Credit from a UCP 600 perspective 2 days
Restructuring and Resolution of Corporate Debt 2 days
Structuring and Financing of Mergers and Acquisitions – Special focus on cases under IBC 2 days
Understanding basics of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 1 day
Lending towards MSMEs, unorganised & informal segment: Case study based approach 2 days
Loan Against Property Credit Appraisal - Tools and Techniques 2 days
Mortgages in Affordable Housing – Business Perspectives, Regulations and Credit Risk Management 2 days
Commercial Vehicle and Construction Equipment Lending – Managing Asset Credit Risk 2 days
Credit Scoring in Retail Lending 2 days
Retail Collections 2 days
Capital Adequacy Ratio of Banks – A practical approach 1 day
Credit Risk Modelling - An Analytical Approach 2 days
Expected Credit Losses under Ind AS 1 day
Financial Risk Analytics 2 days
Fraud Risk Management – Financial Shenanigans 2 days
Liquidity Risk Management (including Basel-III Liquidity Standards) – A focussed approach for Banks and FIs 2 days
Asset Liability Management – An Analytical Approach 2 days
Market Risk Management - A Quantitative Approach 2 days
Operational Risk Management: An advanced approach 2 days
Foreign Exchange and Derivatives Certification Programme 3 days
Impact of IND-AS on Financial Instruments 1 day
Interest Rate Derivatives 2 days
CRISIL MacroPlus: Macro-economics for decision-makers 1 day
Company Valuation: Concepts and Techniques 2 days
Financial Modelling for Project Finance 3 days
Data Visualization workshop for effective data analysis & representation 2 days
Effective Analytical Writing 1 day
Industry series – Cement sector 1 day
Industry Series - NBFC sector 2 days
Industry Series - Renewable Energy 2 days
Industry Series - Roads & Highways 2 days
Industry series – Steel sector 1 day
Industry series – Telecom sector 1 day