premium September 14, 2017

Certificate Programme on Working Capital Appraisal and Monitoring

The programme will help the participants


  • Get an overview of credit risk and understand the basic credit concepts including jargons
  • Understand various appraisals like borrower appraisal, technical appraisal, economic appraisal, etc.
  • Learn in detail about the working capital cycle and the determinants of working capital finance
  • Learn various types of working capital assessment methods and to apply the same to different borrowers
  • Understand the basic concepts of Financial Statements like P&L, B/S, Cash and Funds Flow
  • Understand the credit appraisal process for working capital finance
  • Build knowledge of the cash credit system and supply chain financing
  • Understand the CMA format as per RBI guidelines
  • Understand the importance of Monitoring Borrower Accounts and adopt necessary follow up mechanism

Get detailed sector report

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