premium September 21, 2017

Credit Risk Management through better Credit Monitoring and Administration

Programme Objectives


  • Gives an overview of the various aspects of the function commencing from defining the role and its position in the credit risk management in the bank
  • Enables the participants to appreciate the criticality of the credit monitoring in managing the credit operations risk of the bank
  • Understand in detail how various processes under credit administration enable the bank to reduce and mitigate the credit risk
  • Highlights the rights of the bank and duties of the borrower in the credit relationship thereby ensuring better compliance and risk reduction
  • Brings out the importance and rationale behind various processes followed from sanction till liquidation in credit risk management
  • It also seeks to give an overview of remedial management<
  • The programme helps refresh and upgrade knowledge and skills in managing the role of credit administration. Helps improve efficiency and effectiveness of the team

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