Nov 08 Mumbai

Commodity Hedging

Training dates - Nov 08, 2017

Training locaton - Mumbai

Training fee - ₹25,000 + applicable taxes




Background & objectives


Commodity hedging involves taking positions in complex derivatives, which carry high risk. Positions in futures and options may provide hedging benefits but also involve payoffs that may be disproportionate to costs or premiums paid. It is important for managers in risk management, audit, accounting, MIS roles and for bankers and analysts to understand implications of each commodity hedging strategy in terms of payoffs, risks and rewards. Further, it is important to understand the legal and regulatory framework around this area to ensure that compliances are effective.


This program seeks to provide the market view to such managers and will cover derivative product topics, regulatory framework, accounting and risk management areas.


The program does not seek to provide advice or tips on what to buy and when to buy and is not intended to get a trader to trade better.


There is no prior knowledge of commodities or hedging required.


The programme will benefit


  • Professionals from Risk, Audit, Accounting, MIS
  • Senior management - both finance and operations
  • Banking and other lending institutions
  • Compliance