Oct 25 Mumbai

Decoding fixed income portfolio management - Risk & investment practices


Days remaining

Training dates - October 25 & 26, 2018

Training location - Mumbai

Training fees - ₹40,000 + applicable taxes




Programme Objectives


Fixed income has been a key component of portfoliosof institutional investors directly or indirectly.The main attraction of fixed income investmentis predictable interest and principle cash flows.Market volatility and credit environment howeverimpact predictability of such investment. Overlast 4-5 years there have been instances of creditmigrations and defaults which have impacted wealthof investors; volatility in yields has also impactedinvestors from time to time, in this period. Hence, itis important for investment managers, researchers,and risk professionals among others, to understandthe dynamics of Indian fixed income markets fromvolatility, liquidity and credit perspectives. Indirectinvestors, who invest in pooled funds such as mutualfunds, in particular need to be acquainted withportfolio management practices followed by assetmanagers.


CRISIL’s two-day workshop aims at providing deep insights into Indian fixed income marketsand portfolio management by asset managers along with relevant practical case studies.


Target participants


  • Bank treasury - mid office and front office
  • Corporate treasury teams
  • Risk and research teams with AMCs and insurance companies
  • Risk management teams in banks and NBFCs

Programme highlights


  • Use of CRISIL Portfolio Assessment framework: The programme uses the time-tested framework the CRISIL Funds & Fixed Income team applies to evaluate mutual funds over two decades
  • Training by CRISIL experts: Training is imparted by CRISIL experts who have more than a decade of experience in economy, industry and company research
  • Powered by CRISIL data & analytics: The programme leverages on the time series CRISIL data & analytics on Fixed Income & Mutual Fund
  • Real life case studies & examples: The case studies are handpicked by our Funds & Fixed Income team to bring out the practical nuances of fixed income markets & portfolio management