Sep 10 Mumbai

Industry series - Steel sector

Training dates - September 10 & 11, 2018

Training locaton - Mumbai

Training fee - ₹50,000 + applicable taxes




Has the steel sector turned the corner?


After a long spell of financial stress, steel makers are seeing a sharp improvement in profitability because of duty support from the government and healthy growth in production. 


However, debt repayment capability remains constrained because of sluggish domestic demand, significant under-utilised capacities – especially in the EAF/IF space – and continuing global supply glut.


A lot of money lent to the sector has either turned non-performing or remains at risk of default. 


In such a scenario, what should be the strategy to recover non-performing assets? What should be the banker’s approach to fresh lending in the steel sector?


CRISIL’s programme will analyse the current business scenario, emerging trends, the resilience of business models (based on integration, product segments and technology), and the nuances of the entire steel value chain (CRISIL’s segment-level analysis of the value chain quantifies the financial distress and potential for recovery) to help you arrive at crucial decisions. 


CRISIL’s special two-day program will help you do exactly that – where you can learn, imbibe and then confidently execute decisions.