Jun 11 Mumbai

Liquidity Risk Management (including Basel-III Liquidity Standards) – A focussed approach for Banks and FIs

Training dates - June 11 & 12, 2018

Training locaton - Mumbai

Training fee - ₹30,000 + applicable taxes




The programme takes you through a practical approach to understand and implement liquidity risk management framework and, Liquidity Standards as per Basel-III guidelines, along with the overcoming challenges faced in adopting and implementing the Basel -III liquidity framework in the practical banking environment. The workshop also enhances the knowledge and understanding of the participants on the various components of liquidity, its ratios, monitoring processes and their Basel / Regulatory prescriptions. The programme facilitates the participants to effectively develop and implement the various building blocks of liquidity framework as per Basel guidelines in their organisation. The programme also equips the participants with the required knowledge and expertise to manage the Bank’s balance sheet from liquidity perspective or carry out internal or external audit of the same.


A two-day interactive programme to include lectures, exercises, workshops and group discussions, designed to enhance the understanding of the concepts, process and guidelines of liquidity risk framework by the staff of treasury, business groups, risk management, finance, compliance, audit and managers handling asset liability management projects in banks/FIs.


Key Takeaways


The programme will enable the participant to effectively:

  • Implement Liquidity Risk Management Framework
  • Manage Basel-III Liquidity Ratios 
  • Support the Bank’s Asset Liability Management from Liquidity Perspective
  • Carry out Internal and External Audit of the Bank’s Liquidity and Basel-III Liquidity Framework


Who should attend this programme

  • Treasury, Risk & Finance teams 
  • Business Group ManagersInternal Audit, Compliance & External Audit Staffs
  • Project Managers involved in ALM