Board Committees   

The CRISIL board comprises of executive and non-executive directors, and dedicated teams that focus on critical functions such as audit, corporate social responsibility, investment, nomination and remuneration, and stakeholders' relationship.    


Mr. M. Damodaran, Chairman

Ms. Vinita Bali

Mr. Girish Paranjpe

Ms. Martina Cheung


Ms. Vinita Bali, Chairperson

Mr. Girish Paranjpe

Mr. Ewout Steenbergen

Ms. Ashu Suyash

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Ms. Vinita Bali, Chairperson

Mr. Girish Paranjpe

Ms. Ashu Suyash

Stakeholders’ Relationship

Mr. M. Damodaran, Chairman

Mr. Ewout Steenbergen

Ms. Ashu Suyash

Nomination and Remuneration 

Ms. Vinita Bali, Chairperson

Mr. M. Damodaran

Mr. John L. Berisford