Our Purpose    


To be a leading agile and innovative, global analytics company.



To make markets function better by providing independent opinions, actionable insights and efficient solutions.    




We are independent in our thinking and act with unimpeachable integrity at all times. Our opinions and analyses are credible, unbiased and not bound by any company, government or market.    


We continuously innovate to deliver actionable analyses and solutions that help customers make informed business decisions and mitigate risk. We are committed to the highest quality standards, while robust analytical rigour ensures that our insights are objective, distinct, consistent and reliable.


We are committed to what we do, we stand by our opinions and analyses, and we assume complete responsibility and ownership of our decisions and actions.


We collaborate with, and incorporate the expertise and insights of each team member to enhance the value of our deliverables to customers, investors and other market participants.    


We treat everyone with mutual trust and respect, be they colleagues, customers or other stakeholders. We embrace and cherish the inclusivity and diversity of our organisation.