Our Manifesto

Our Causes

In 2016, CRISIL RE launched a social impact incubator, CRISIL RE Change the Scene. The objective ─ design solutions to resolve problems rooted in communities. The campaign entails a rigorous selection of projects conceptualized by employees in partnership with local NGOs catering to specific needs and problems, with defined community outreach and impact goals. The 2016 edition of the programme saw 16 projects across three cities focusing on women’s empowerment, environment conservation, education and integrated rural development selected for funding and implementation.

Change The Scene 2017

The second edition of Change the Scene saw innovative themes including the development of a crowd funding platform to sponsor disadvantaged students, awareness about the need to segregate plastic waste, financial inclusion of domestic helpers and small-time shopkeepers, soil testing with recommendations for soil management to farmers. A total of 21 projects were implemented across Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune.

Financial Inclusion

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Cashless Mandi

Digital financial literacy for street vendors and small shopkeepers

Cashless Mandi stepped into communities sensitising small street vendors and shopkeepers about cashless transactions. The project facilitated the installation of payment wallets for financial transactions. Of the 300 vendors covered, 60% installed BHIM, and the remaining installed PayTM.

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Financial literacy for the urban poor

Project Flame reached out to adolescent girls from low income families in Mumbai, through financial literacy sessions.

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Pehla Padhaav

Enabling access to financial services among low income groups

Pehla Padhaav raised financial awareness among domestic staff, auto and taxi drivers, security guards, delivery boys, and corporate support staff in Mumbai. The project reached out to more than 600 domestic helpers, more than 120 of whom opened bank accounts and signed up for Jan Dhan insurance schemes.

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Financial literacy and livelihood

Prakarsh identified underprivileged women in Kolkata with basic tailoring skills, consequently donating sewing machines, and training them to set up their own small enterprise. The beneficiaries have also been encouraged to empower their fellow community members with these advanced skills.

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I Am Empowered

Financial literacy and gender sensitisation for urban youth

The project reached out to disadvantaged youth in Mumbai, imparting skill-based training to manage personal finance, fulfill goals. I am Empowered also raised consciousness about gender disparities to sensitise youth as role models for chang

Community Development

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Sustainable living in urban slums

With a focus on integrated community development, Jaagriti set up two water filters, and disseminated good practices for sustainable health and hygiene across 200 households in Gurugram


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Remedial and holistic education for marginalised children

The project enabled volunteers to remotely record audiobooks using Daisy, an audio-recording freeware. During incubation, the project set up one studio in Bengaluru, and produced two books.

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Technabling the Disabled

Scaling up the digital library for the visually impaired, initiated in Change the Scene 2016

The project set up a second recording studio in Bengaluru, enhancing the digital library to empower the visually challenged, and has produced 10 additional audiobooks this season.

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Education and welfare

Set up computers, water filtration unit and tank to ensure basic facilities for students, and encourage attendance

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Shiksha Samartan

Education for the visually impaired

Creating tactile maps, light refraction & dispersion models for The Blind People’s Association, in Ahmedabad

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Cycle Library Mumbai

Increasing attendance at a rural primary school

Accessibility for students from Rajguru Vidhyalaya in Shahapur Taluka (Maharashtra). The 5 kilometer commute on foot between the students’ residences and the school, has been made easier with bi-cycles donated to their school. The children can now focus all their energy on studies, and extra-curricular activities.

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Sabka Saath Sabki Shiksha

Crowdfunding education

Create and promote a crowd-funding website for students in need of financial support.

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Financial Literacy For Women

Enabling financial linkages

Opened postal accounts for more than 250 women in Kannagi Nagar, Chennai, to include them in the formal financial system.


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Affordable and reusable sanitary pads, to follow good practices for menstrual hygiene

Sukanya, stepped into Dharavi, Mumbai, setting up a self-sustainable business model to promote affordable, hygienic, and reusable sanitary pads.

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Red Is The New Green

Menstrual hygiene

Scale up from Change the Scene 2016 to reach out to additional schools and raise awarneess about good practices for menstrual hygiene. 5 Schools, 6 sanitary dispensing machines & incinerators set up

Environment Conservation and Waste Management

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Plastic Awareness for Environment & Society (PAES)

Awareness about plastic segragation during disposal, and converting plastic waste into fuel

PAES reached out to more than 10,000 residents in Pune, with outreach to 9 societies, 1 school and 2 corporate offices including CRISIL; each of these communities have begun segregating plastic.

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Sustainable waste management

Scale-up from CTS 2016 to set-up a bio gas plant, enable rag-pickers to monetise segregated waste, and public awareness about Solid Waste Management

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Soil health management for small and marginalized farmers

Maati addresses the need for soil health management in rural Maharashtra. The project set up a laboratory to test soil in five villages; the tests generate realtime soil health reports based on nutrients, and recommend fertilisers for use in subsequent crop cycles. Awareness sessions have also been conducted to encourage adoption of soil health management practices.

Skill Building

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Health awareness and financial literacy for traffic police officers and their families

Disha, has scaled-up its intervention from Change the Scene 2016, to expand outreach to the traffic police force in the second edition. The project focussed on health awareness and financial literacy for traffic police officers in Navi Mumbai, along with their families, reaching out to 455 members of the force.

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Empowering youth

Project Ummeed collaborated with Future Retail Limited for a pilot to place young marginalized adults with higher secondary education as Front Office Counter Sales Trainees at outlets across Mumbai. Zonal Delivery and HR executives of Future Retail addressed participants aspiring to work in the retail sector; and proposed an "On the Job Training Experience" for 10 days to a few participants.