"In the spirit of CRISIL's vision of making markets function better, CRISIL Foundation publishes insights into prevelant trends. This section includes the CRISIL CSR Year Book, an annual publication analysing corporate spends for CSR, trends in driving social impact, and compliance with Section 135 on CSR in the new Companies Act, 2013.

Our publications also include CRISIL Inclusix, a comprehensive index institutionalised by CRISIL to measure the progress of financial inclusion in the country, down to district level. A pro bono initiative by CRISIL, the index is a key enabler in taking financial services to the bottom of the pyramid. The index uses parameters that focus only on the 'number of people' whose lives have been touched by various financial services, rather than on the 'amounts' deposited or loaned. CRISIL Inclusix was launched by the former Finance Minister, Shri P. Chidambaram, at the Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi on June 25, 2013 in the presence of senior leaders from corporate India, and representatives of the government."

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The CRISIL CSR yearbook 2018

The CRISIL CSR yearbook


CRISIL Inclusix

Vol I: 2013

CRISIL Inclusix

Vol IV (2018)

CRISIL Inclusix

Vol III: 2015

Altruism rising The CRISIL CSR yearbook


CRISIL Inclusix

Vol II: 2014