Random Acts of Kindness

There is significance in reaching out to those we encounter. These are stories
that reinforce our belief that the smallest gestures go a long way.

Little things that matter

I believe in meaningful conversations. And my husband and I often go for long drives over the weekend. That’s how my weekend tea trails began.

NEHA MERANI Assistant Manager Mumbai
Just one line

In all the years that I’ve been working (and I’ve worked with a lot of people), I’ve come to realise that everyone wants appreciation and acknowledgement.

KUNAL KAPOOR Sector Leader, Chennai
Barriers, no more

This is a story about my friend, Chris. He strongly believes that helping people, breaks any language barrier. How do I know this? Simple. The guy walks the talk.

XIBIN CHRIS XU Senior Research Analyst, China
More than a ride

I usually use public transport for my commute. But having recently relocated to Pune, radio cabs seemed like my most feasible ride to and from work.

AADITYA SARAF Credit analyst, Pune