Mein Pragati

Enabling environment conservation, financial literacy and inclusive education in cities. 

Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto

The littered corner that makes you cringe every morning as you cross it Bald pataches of land where tabebuia trees could paint the view yellow.

Our Manifesto

Our Causes

CRISIL RE is committed to environment conservation through tree plantation and maintenance drives to increase green cover, along with solar electrification and sustainable waste management in disadvantaged communities, and to emergency response. Employees are also encouraged to design solutions that resolve problems deeply rooted in communities.

Our Manifesto

Our Impact

CRISIL RE collaborates with non-governmental organisations in all of CRISIL’s domestic areas of operations, namely, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune, to reach out to disadvantaged urban communities.

Scenes From the Field

Environment Conservation

Planting and maintaining trees, supporting sustainability for an ecologically balanced future.

Mein Pragati Lifecycle
Our Field Force

Solar Installations

Brightening lives with solar-powered electricity.

Supporting Sustainability

Indian Fixed Income Market

"Creating awareness about menstruation…"

Deane de Menezes, Volunteer Mumbai

The community responded positvely. 80% households now segragate waste. The compost pits we constructed, can produce 300 kg of compost per month, and can be sold, creating a source of income for the community members.

Ranjit Ambastha Director, CHF India Foundation, Pune

The solar lights are working well. Our community is thankful. Residents from nearby villages have also shown interest in understanding and using the lighting systems.

Majid Khan Beneficiary, Gairatpur Bas, Gurugram

I became confident after the Sugran workshops. I learned to prepare exotic, international dishes, something I would never have been able to without this project coming to our community. I have now started taking catering orders.

Kavita Prakash, beneficiary

CRISIL employees created awareness in the village on a variety of topics. They also helped a few villagers open bank accounts

Kauji Sable NGO representative, Friends of Tribal Society(Pune)

In the process of learning, the importance of books is immense, whether science, arts or mathematics. Hence, the idea of a digital library to enhance the learning of visually impaired. We use the open source software, DAISY, to record books. This allows a volunteer, anywhere in the country to record a book, for someone else’s benefit, as per the relevant educational curriculum.

Varun Yeggina Volunteer, Bengaluru

Community members are receptive. This inspires me to contribute more.

Krishna Yadav Volunteer, Pune

The story of group of girls and women who came together to debunk myths about menstrual health, creating awareness in their community, by challenging stereotypes about menstruation and designing eco-friendly pads.

They provided us with lights, notebooks and other facilities & helped us with tarpaulin to patch up our roof.

Dhanlaxmi Vittalapuram, Tamilnadu

With these lights, the children are able to study through the evening. Now, it is hard to imagine life without the lights.

Ravathy Vittalapuram, Tamilnadu

We at Maher are very grateful to CRISIL for the solar lights installed. This has tremendously brought down our electricity bill

Sister Lucy Kurien, Maher Ashram Home for destitute women, Pune

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