Our Manifesto

Our Causes

In 2016, CRISIL RE launched a social impact incubator, CRISIL RE Change the Scene. The objective ─ design solutions to resolve problems rooted in communities. The campaign entails a rigorous selection of projects conceptualized by employees in partnership with local NGOs catering to specific needs and problems, with defined community outreach and impact goals. The 2016 edition of the programme saw 16 projects across three cities focusing on women’s empowerment, environment conservation, education and integrated rural development selected for funding and implementation.

Change The Scene 2018

The third edition of Change the Scene saw 11 projects incubated to test and demonstrate proof of concepts for environment conservation, women’s empowerment, livelihood enhancement, and disability inclusion. This year, to focus on impact, CRISIL Foundation collaborated with Collective Good Foundation. The lead NGO, in association with partner NGOs shared existing problem statements requiring immediate attention in communities. The projects, selected after rigourous evaluation of proposed solutions for social impact and scalability, were implemented across Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Gurugram, Mumbai, and Pune.

Financial Inclusion

Livelihood enhancement

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Creating a fast-selling product line of contemporary clothing to help underprivileged women increase income from handmade products

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Implementing quick win solutions to help farmers increase income through the use of by-products and orgnanic produce



Women’s Empowerment

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Creating an eco-system for women to work with cab aggregators, receive financing and become driver partners.

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Setting up a Dry Flower Production Unit for the differently-abled women

Empowering differently-abled women as producers of rangoli and perfume



Environment Conservation

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Transforming a dumpyard to a kitchen garden, setting up facilities for sustainable waste management in a school.

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Creating a new generation of green champions to conserve the environment, through a sustainable solution for waste management

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Green Shoots

Creating a micro-forest on a parcel of land, to conserve the environment, and yield income for rural communities



Disability Inclusion

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Employability for the disabled

Creating an employability portal, as a one-stop solution for mentoring, and recruiting the differently-abled.

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Creating an online platform with data to help shape programs and projects for the benefit of the differently-abled.



Welfare projects

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The Ante Natal Care Project

Encouraged involved parenting to reduce mortality among underprivileged infants, children and mothers.

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Elder Care

Setting up welfare centres empowering economically disadvantaged seniors to look after themselves