Our Manifesto

Our Causes

ReDefine Leadership

In 2016, CRISIL RE launched a social impact incubator, CRISIL RE Change the Scene. The objective ─ design solutions to resolve problems rooted in communities. The campaign entails a rigorous selection of projects conceptualized by employees in partnership with local NGOs catering to specific needs and problems, with defined community outreach and impact goals.

Reimagine Neighbourhoods

Our Manifesto

Solar electrification for sustainable electricity for disadvantaged communities

Many underprivileged rural communities frequently suffer power outages or limited power supply. An imperative, therefore, is an affordable source of electricity.

CRISIL RE reaches out to under-privileged homes across the country, with renewable energy as a source of sustainable electricity.

Our Manifesto

Waste Management

A national and global agenda, CRISIL RE focuses on clean neighbourhoods for improved health and hygiene, through sustainable waste management.


Solutions range from the simple segregation of waste at source - in homes, communities, and offices - to setting up vermi-compost pits, and cleanliness drives. To sustain and drive waste management initiatives, CRISIL RE engages employees as well as residents in communities.


Environment conservation and tree plantation to increase green cover

Environment conservation as an ongoing process is another priority cause for CRISIL RE. Progress in this agenda necessitates considerable investments in time, cost and audits to monitor progress and take corrective action where required. 
Over the past three years, CRISIL RE has focused on:

Renewing the Aravalli BioDiversity Park in Gurgaon

Renewing the green cover in the Hills in Pune

Increasing the green cover in villages in Mumbai

Conserving mangroves

Mentoring Matters

Responding to the need to empower under-resourced school students and tapping into individual desiresto create a legacy,
CRISIL RE launched Mentoring Matters in July 2017. 

The initiative empowers employees as positive role models for secondary and higher secondary students. Selected employees will be trained to mentor students on a one-to-one basis, over a 10 month period, in the course of an academic year.