Concerted Outreach

There are those who make time to conceptualise and/or implement a
full-fledged initiative. These are short stories of individuals who set out to fulfil
a vision of inclusion, of empowerment.

Small effort

In West Bengal, many children drop out from the education system. My father always wanted to do something about this - if not address the need for education at the national level, then at least at a state level.

NIRAJ SATNALIKA Senior Rating Analyst, Pune
Cubicle Day

It all started with a Fun@work event, Cubicle Day, with the theme, Joy of Giving and Sharing.

MEGHANA GOLLAPUDI Research Analyst, Chennai

I believe in Seva (assisting those in need). I’ve been working with the Aga Khan Development Network since 2004. It’s been an eye opener.

NADIR BHALWANI Director, Mumbai
It’s personal

I am originally from Sikhapur. a village in Uttar Pradesh. So I take rural empowerment personally.

RAVISH PANDEY Executive, Gurugram