Perfectly balanced

I enjoy teaching, managing events and creating things. I find joy in teaching the crafts to women and children so that they have an avenue to develop a skill, and if required, to become entrepreneurs in their own right.

For me, this isn’t a money-making endeavour. I charge participants a nominal fee to cover costs of material and travel. The crafts I teach are easy to practice and create – making paper flowers, candles and decorating balloons - when decorating for events like birthdays or engagement parties.

One of my students started her own event management company with her husband. I was elated when she told me about her decision. Her business is a success. She still reaches out to me for advice or suggestions - and I’m happy to help.

Using my skills to help in any way I can, has always been a priority for me. I teach arts and crafts to underprivileged children and orphans, at no cost. They see these sessions as time for fun.

As a member of the board of directors of a school in a village in Karnataka, headed by my father for children from low-income families, I teach students about values, caring for family and building a solid career.

I hope that all of these students, the women and children I encounter, walk away with the importance of balancing fun and creativity, with work and family. If I can set them on path to a joyous, colourful present and a happy, secure future, there’s nothing more I would wish for.

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