Nov 28 Mumbai

Financing India's Future




A vibrant corporate bond market is essential for powering a country's economic growth. In India, though, it is yet to achieve its full potential.

However, over the last decade, a number of policy and regulatory steps have been taken by the government to expand the corporate bond market. Many of these initiatives have started bearing fruit today. At CRISIL, we felt the time was right to tell the world about the changes taking place silently in India's bond market. It is with this view that CRISIL is hosting the 2nd edition of its Annual Seminar Series, Expanding India's Corporate Bond Market: 'Financing India's future', on November 28, 2013.

The annual seminar series, which deliberates on ways to expand and deepen India's corporate bond market, aims to bring together all important stakeholders and discuss the progress achieved so far, recent government and regulatory initiatives to widen the market, and potential solutions.

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