May 31 Mumbai

Corporate Bonds & India’s New Financial Order


CRISIL's flagship seminar series on Expanding India's Corporate Bond Market is one of India's most power-packed annual gatherings of top business leaders, investors, regulators and policy-makers. The seminar provides a platform for these stakeholders to deliberate, debate and exchange perspectives on issues relevant to the growth and development of India's corporate bond market.


In line with CRISIL's commitment towards creating a deep, vibrant corporate debt market in the country, the seminar has explored various topical issues and regulatory initiatives year after year:

  • 2012: The first seminar touched upon the emerging opportunities in CRISIL A-rated companies
  • 2013: The seminar revolved around how a robust corporate bond market can help in financing India's future
  • 2014: The theme was News Templates to Fund Growth where stakeholders discussed and debated the models and modalities to meet the extraordinary financing channel facing India
  • 2016: We focused on the new templates to fund growth


Since the inaugural seminar, CRISIL has seen steady progress in access to capital markets by A-rated issuers. The investor base for such issues has also expanded with 101 new issuances and Rs 16,674 crore raised. Of the 500+ companies who have been rated 'A' by CRISIL, 98 companies have opted for capital market instrument ratings, which is the first step towards capital market issuances.


The event also sees the release of the updated CRISIL Yearbook on the Indian Debt Market. First released in 2013, the Yearbook is the most comprehensive chronicle of the evolution of the bond market in India over the last decade.


The Indian corporate debt market has tremendous potential, most of which is still untapped. The CRISIL Annual Seminar Series on Expanding India's Corporate Bond Market seeks to mould the future of this still-evolving segment and help it come into its own.

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