Sep 18

Webinar: How to ride the curve using fixed-income benchmarks



Do you use benchmarks when judging a fund?


You should, because benchmarks provide independent indication of risk/return profile of investment strategy, and will help you ride the curve well.


More so because fixed-income benchmarks have undergone significant changes after the Securities and Exchange Board of India’s mandates on categorisation and rationalisation of mutual fund schemes, and benchmarking of scheme performance to the Total Return Index.


Reasons why it has become very important to understand the characteristics of fixed-income indices used by asset managers to benchmark the performance of their schemes.

For a lowdown on it all, CRISIL Research invites you to a webinar on fixed-income benchmarking, where we will discuss:

  • Fundamentals of fixed-income indices and the mechanics of creating a fixed-income index
  • Different types and classes of indices in fixed income, their parameters and usage
  • Ways to identify their appropriateness
  • Attributes of index compared with funds
  • CRISIL's offerings in the fixed-income indices space

The webinar will have a presentation by CRISIL’s experts, followed by a Q&A session.

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